Why the Cubs winning the World Series would mean so much to the City and the fans

Steve Bartman. Ever heard of him? Well if you are a Cubs fan that name is all too familiar.

The last time the Cubs had a 3-2 series lead was of course during a series with the Florida Marlins back in 2003.

The Cubs were five outs away from clinching a birth to the World Series and their first NL Pennant since 1945 and then it happened.

Steve Bartman, a fan watching the game along with several fans attempted to catch a ball that was deemed foul. The problem with this though was that Cubs outfielder Moises Alou was also trying to catch the ball.

Bartman reached out for the ball, it deflected it’s course and Alou failed to make the catch. Of course after that happened, the Marlins rallied to score a whopping eight runs in the inning and the Cubs lost the game 8-3. They would eventually lose the series the very next day.

The incident is one that lives with many Cubs fans. Some say they are over it. Some say they will never be over it. But at this moment in time, the Cubs are on the cusp of fulfilling the dream of playing in the World Series.

The Chicago Cubs defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 8-4 last night, in a pivotal game 5 to take an all too familiar 3-2 lead in the series as they head back to Chicago to try and clinch a berth to the World Series.

A team that many believe to be the best team in baseball improving on 97 wins and a wild card birth the previous year, to leading the league with 103 wins and an NL Central crown.

As someone who remembers the losing seasons the Cubs endured following their 2008 winning season that ultimately ended in defeat, it’s almost surreal to think about what winning the World Series would do for the city and the organization.

From the Derek Lee, Alfonso Soriano, Aramis Ramirez, Ryan Dempster, Kosuke Fukodome and etc. years to the team that won 61 games in 2012, the Cubs fans have seen it all.

It’s been 108 years since the Cubs last won the World series. 108 years.

Just think about it for a second. It’s been 108 years since the city of Chicago has seen their team win a major league championship in baseball. A mark that is truly unprecedented in almost all of sports.

The team has been a literal and metaphoric scapegoat to sports fans. But something about this team, says these aren’t the same old Cubs.

We can talk about curses and how the Cubs once blew a 3-2 lead before but those are things of the past.

In the present times, this team looks poised to ignore all the naysayers and doubters to  bring something to the City that would mean so much to the fans and the organization.

A World Series Title.


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