Student Press Freedom

When topic of conversation came up regarding the unfortunate events of Jillian McVicker, I was blown away with what had transpired.

It’s tough being a young journalist. Already having to walk that fine line of reporting to the best of your ability while also avoiding stepping on the toes of the Institution you attend.

But at what point do we let that get in the way of fulfilling our duty to report? I will admit  was not aware of what happened to McVicker and when I found out it hit me.

If we wouldn’t have talked about it in class I probably wouldn’t have known about it until someone (11 Warriors) tweeted about it or mentioned it at a later date.

I then thought to myself, had I been aware of the situation at hand, what would I have done? Would I have written this story? Or would I have just waited until the University gave me permission to go ahead and right this story?

I firmly hope so that if I had the opportunity to write a story about what happened to McVicker that I would have taken the time of day to write a story about it. After all it is our jobs to inform others about what took place.

Not nine days later. But when it happened.

At the end of the day, I am an aspiring journalist. And if I want to keep it that way, then I heed the responsibility I have to report a story.


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