Why I am interested in a Sports Media Career

Sports. I couldn’t imagine a world without it. Really I couldn’t. When propped the question of why I want to have a career in sports media the answer shouldn’t surprise you. The answer of course is simply; I love sports. When growing up we all played sports or had some connection with it.

The particular sport I fell in love with first was the sport many Americans call Soccer but almost everyone else in the world simply calls Football. At a young age being surrounded by my Dad who was a soccer coach, I dreamed of playing soccer for a team in one capacity or another and maybe representing my country. Those dreams quickly faded when I realized not only how bad of an Athlete I was but also the move to a different country. I came to the United States at the age of about 5 years old and as I grew up here my priorities shifted. Soon realizing that I probably wasn’t going to be a star athlete I turned my attention to observing and commentating on sports rather than actually trying to successfully play them.

From the age of about 1o years on, I became obsessed with College Football. Vividly remembering every detail of the USC loss in 2006 to Texas on that last second touchdown by Vince Young. To this day that play makes me cringe. But the desire to cheer on a team I loved so much and analyzing why I did had been rooted. With that then came the subsequent migration to the NFL where I decided to cheer on the New York Giants for some reason.

Same trend followed as I began to also watch sports like NBA, MLB, NCAAB,NHL, Tennis, Golf and etc. Point being my life was never the same when I realized how many different sports there were and how readily the access I had to each sport was. I soon began to spend the majority of my days remembering stats, trying to fake play by play games, analyzing games and so forth. Getting to the point where I would literally not leave my house.

Instead I would just sit at home, in my room by myself watching/listening to a game or broadcast. It simply became one of those things where I couldn’t imagine my life with out it. So when asked the question of why I am interested in a job in Sports media, the answer is I simply love Sports. Which may or may not sound cliche but it really is the truth. I simply could not imagine my life without it.


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